Sunday, May 23, 2010

Theater Three: Butts & Thongs

I am feeding Theater Three with YouTube clips with women fighters whose backside attributes are almost fully displayed under tiny clothing. An hotter clip on the subject may be seen below: it has Venus DeLight for APL and it is a landmark!



  1. I think anything with Venus DeLight in it is hotter ;-)

  2. Unless you're a fan of prolonged, reverse derriere-sitting, what is so hot about this ? ...

    Now, APL has a lot of good videos and they seem to be getting even better as time goes by but this (as far as fem-vs-fem activity goes) basically sucks.

    If you have any reverse, double-derriere "hugging" then that I consider to be sexy as hell but stuff like what was shown I consider mostly just a bunch of waste production.

    Just my views ...